Love your lashes!

Our clients often say that Lash Love has given them more confidence, because when your eyes look beautiful, you look and feel AMAZING. If you only make ONE beauty investment, choose to enhance your eyes to create by far the biggest impact.

Our clients choose lash extensions for a variety of reasons: vacations, weddings or special events, shift workers, busy moms who don't have time to fuss with makeup, women who have lost volume/length with age, and others who just want to always look their best with less effort.


Volume LASHES $209

2D - 4D. Number of lashes will depend on client's natural lashes and desired fullness; multiple ultra-fine, soft lashes are adhered to each natural lash.


65+ lashes per eye; one-on-one method.



45+ lashes per eye; one-on-one method.




Members start at $85 per month! Ready to get the lashes you've always dreamed of? Call us or click the link below to book your next appointment!


Lash Love Services

Lash Fills

  • Classic Regular Fill (20 lashes per eye) — $60

  • Classic Extreme Fill (35 lashes per eye) — $90

  • Volume Fill — $99

Lash lift

  • Lash Lift (Natural, semi-permanent curl lasting 3-4 weeks) — $85

  • Lash tint -- additional $14


Body Sugaring

The love for sugar now at your favorite salon. Ditch the razor and come get sugared! This ancient art of hair removal is completely natural, made of only sugar, lemon & water.

What makes body sugaring so amazing?

  • hair can be removed at 1/8’’;

  • available for all skin types and ages;

  • all natural ( no chemicals );

  • no possibility of burning ( sugar does not reach the temperatures that wax does);

  • removes ingrown hair and dead cells;

  • no chance of double dipping!

    Price List

  • Full legs -- $65

  • Half leg -- $40

  • Full arm -- $35

  • Half arm -- $25

  • Underarm -- $20

  • Lip or Chin -- $15

  • Brow -- $17

  • Bikini -- $25

  • Bikini plus -- $40

  • Brazilian -- $45

  • Back or Chest -- $42

Best experience ever! Like , ever!