What are some common dos and dont's that I should be aware of before my appointment?

  • Remember to remove footwear upon your arrival.

  • Please refrain from using your cell phone during your appointment (as the application process requires stillness but also for your comfort and the relaxation of our other guests).

  • Please provide us a minimum of 24 hours notice for any cancellations to avoid a late fee. We appreciate the courtesy as we can then best accommodate our other guests during that time.

What is the difference between a Classic and Volume set? Which set/technique is right for me?

Classic is a one-on-one technique that is the standard method of applying lash extensions, whereas Volume refers to a method that uses multiple ultra-fine lashes on one natural lash. Volume Lashes are an upgrade as they require additional training and certification. Many more lashes are used in this technique which can also take additional appointment time. We are very proud to offer this increasingly popular option at Lash Love. Anyone who is a candidate for the classic technique can opt for volume lashes. However, clients who want extra volume and drama or those whose natural lashes are sparse would especially benefit from this option.

When should I come for a fill?

Many factors impact the time you can leave between appointments to fill in your lashes, such as your growth cycle, how well you care for them, and even the natural oils your body produces. As well, clients differ in their personal preferences for upkeep. Please come for a fill when you feel they are needing some attention rather than delaying to the point of becoming unhappy with their appearance. Many of our clients fall in love with their lashes and the relaxing experience of having them done that they choose to maintain them bi-monthly to keep a meticulous appearance. For these frequent, loyal guests, we are happy to offer a cost-saving membership with an easy automatic payment plan!

Should I tip my lash stylist?

As with your other favorite beauty providers, our lash stylists do their utmost to ensure you are ecstatic with your result and gratefully accept tips if you would like to express your thanks in this way for a job well done. The amount is totally up to you!

Do you offer bottom lashes?

No. To safely and comfortably use our powerful, high-grade adhesive, eyes must be closed during application. Since eyes would need to be open to access bottom lashes, we only apply extensions on upper lashes.

Is there anything special I should do to prepare for my appointment?

To ensure proper bonding your lashes need to be clean and free of mascara in, so please remove eye makeup before your appointment.

 Is any special after care required?

Your lash stylist will advise you on how to best clean and care for your new lash extensions to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. We carry several excellent oil-free cleansing products and eye makeup designed to be lash extension-friendly, as well as products designed to increase the life of your extensions. We even carry products to ensure your natural lashes reach their fullest potential and stay healthy and strong. Your certified lash stylist will customize their recommendation to meet your individual needs.